The Windcatcher

Apr 23 2014
The Windcatcher also known as Barjeel

This architecture from the past, one that facinates me, can be found mainly in two locations in Dubai; Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood (where this was taken), and the other is Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House.

Through The Window, Guess By Marciano

Guess By Marciano in Dubai Marina Mall

I was on my way to a meeting and saw this couple. It was obvious something had happened, and not too long ago. In fact from the looks of it, whatever went down hadn’t exceeded five minutes. You could say by their postures. What could’ve possibly happened between the two? She’s not looking at him, got her arms crossed and her back turned away from him.

I couldn’t help but notice how the color of his shirt matches that of the dress hanging besides her. Maybe that was what triggered all of this. I imagined she tried the dress on, and then the law of attraction kicked in. Opposites attract, likes repel. But it was too late, physics had no mercy on them. One of them had to do something before matters took a turn for the worse. She slipped in the nearest thing she could grab ahold of.